Telemedicine is a cost and time-saving alternative to Primary Care and Urgent Care facility visits.  Plan subscribers can connect virtually with U.S. Board Certified doctors in all 50 states who specialize in Emergency, Family, and Pediatric Medicine, as well as Behavioral/Mental Health.  According to the Wellness Council of America, it is estimated that 70% of Primary Care visits and 40% of Urgent Care visits can be administered by telehealth services.

Universal Benefits Consortium is proud to offer Recuro as its virtual care provider.

Sore Throat
Cold & Flu
Pink Eye
Insect Bites
Yeast Infection

Benefits of offering virtual care

Plan subscribers enjoy access to the Recuro physician network 24/7, 365 days a year.  Patients who use telemedicine are connected to a doctor by phone or video in less than 10 minutes on average, all from the comfort of their home.  Recuro telemedicine benefits are available to plan subscribers and all legal dependents, regardless if they are enrolled in the health plan or not.

Cost Savings

Telehealth services are available to plan subscribers for no or minimal copayChoosing Recuro as an alternative to Primary or Urgent Care visits will have a direct impact on your employee’s savings and help to ensure affordable benefits for your district in future years by reducing the overall cost of district health claims.