About the Universal Benefits Consortium

The Universal Benefits Consortium (UBC) is a product offering provided by Education Service Center Region 12 in Waco, TX.  The UBC provides high-quality, affordable health plans solely and specifically to school districts across the State of Texas.  The UBC carefully evaluates and vets medical consultants and vendor partners who make up the plan offering.  Those selections were decided after a rigorous competitive RFP process that ultimately allows a school district to join the UBC through an interlocal agreement with ESC Region 12.

Product offerings are constantly evaluated, and added, to provide school districts with choice and to realize the financial benefit from the competitive landscape between the vendors offered through the UBC.

Our product offerings include, but are not limited to, self-funded, level-funded, and fully insured medical plans.  The UBC takes a consultative approach to work closely with its member districts to determine the best plan options that promote the best outcomes for each district.  Careful consideration is given to district culture, claims history, and financial stability of the district as the most appropriate plans are developed and ultimately executed.

We are lifelong educators that strive every day to support our education providers with the tools they need to be successful in the classroom. But we also care deeply about the health and welfare of the teachers, staff members and administrators that work hard every day to take care of our children.

ESC Region 12 is a nonprofit service organization based in Waco, Texas that serves 77 school districts across 12 counties, and is devoted to helping schools align systems to maintain efficient, economical operations that improve overall district effectiveness.

The leadership group at ESC Region 12 has endorsed Universal Benefits Consortium as a superior service provider that closely aligns with their mission of providing resource sustainability and growth through the delivery of cost-effective services and solutions

As a result of significant savings on employee medical benefit plans, each district will have the opportunity to allocate more budget dollars towards the ultimate goal of student achievement.

  • Significantly Reduce Consulting Fees

  • Lower Administrative Costs

  • Lower Premiums/Prescription Costs

  • Offer Network Flexibility

  • Enhance Cost Effective Access to Care

  • Increase Employee Participation

  • Bolster Recruitment and Retention

UBC offers the following insurance solutions to meet your needs: