If the idea of saving money by offering self-funded health benefits to your employees appeals to you but the RISK of paying out large, unexpected or unplanned claims concerns you . . . you will be happy to know this.

Stop-Loss insurance is a policy that works in conjunction with self-insured and level-funded health plans. It is an insurance product that provides protection to employers from the financial risk of catastrophic or unpredictable high cost of claims filed under the plan. Stop-loss coverage protects against claims that could compromise the organization’s financial health.

UBC experts will work directly with you to determine the necessary level of Stop-Loss insurance to mitigate risk. UBC experts will work directly with you to identify the appropriate stop-loss carrier and necessary level of reinsurance to mitigate risk.


Specific: protection for high claims on any one individual member.


Aggregate: protection that establishes a ceiling on the amount of total expenses during a contract period.